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Highest Paying Surveys

Paid Surveys Online has been in business since 2002. PaidSurveysOnline database provide access to offers to get paid to take surveys, try new products, and travel.

The creator claims that you can make from $5 to $125 for each survey their partner companies offer Highest Paying Surveys such as $50 to $150 an hour for participation in focus groups and up to $25 an hour for watching movie trailer.

You also get bonuses such as making money driving your car, traveling, and for receiving emails.

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Actual Consumer Feedbacks

“So, I paid my fee ($34.95) to join “”. Only after paying the fee did I discover that you have to accept offers to try/or buy products and/or services that you don’t really need. It turns out that surveys for cash without some kind of gimmick attached are very hard to find…So beware!…” Portion of actual user review from

“I actually have access to Paidsurverysonline. It is of course a list of survey places, putting ads on your car etc. Also useful software to use…” Portion of actual user review from

“You receive instructions on how to take nielsen surveys and payment with regard to all of them. You have to give honest information in your survey applications. The final page on has three sections. Each of these has a list of web sites in descending order of payments. Stars at end of the name designate success rate of site. You have to click at the link on the site. Some sites offer a sign-up form immediately. Some offer options to sign up with other sites. Read each site details thoroughly before making any move…” Portion of actual user review from

Our Verdict

The general consensus wasn’t kind to this one and unfortunately we have to agree. It certainly hasn’t proved itself profitable for us. Give it a try if you like and if you aren’t happy you can always return it for a full refund.

Go to Paid Surveys Online official site


  • “Get Paid to Drive” Report

  • Includes “Get Paid to Pass Out Free Samples” Report

  • Includes “Get Paid to Read Emails” Report

  • Instant access to the membership site and survey database

  • Feature Bonuses cover other make money online opportunities


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